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The Fall 2017 training was pushed back a bit...just to January.  However, this is a great opportunity with limited seating so sign up now to save your spot!


EDR Update and Applying Advanced Analytical Concepts

 Prerequisite: prior 32/40 hour EDR data analysis course (preferably IPTM) 


  • Focuses on the analytical application of CDR data
    • Pre-crash data involving speed, throttle and brakes
    • Analytical use of steering wheel position data, yaw rate data, lateral and longitudinal delta v data to evaluate the displacement of a vehicle prior to the collision
    • Evaluation of wheel speed data expressed as deceleration
    • Employing the use of Excel spreadsheets and CSV files to calculate vehicle movement leading up to a crash
    • Using Excel and CSV files to determine impact speed range from the last reported, stable, pre-crash speed
    • Take the results of the above mentioned calculations and render graphic and opinions as to what changes affected the vehicle in question prior to and after the crash.


Instructors:  Rich Ruth and Andy Rich

Course Date:  Tuesday, January 16 -18, 2018 

Course Location:  Wisconsin State Patrol Academy, Fort McCoy, WI


Cost: MATAI Member $275 / Non-Member $325


Wisconsin State Patrol will provide free Academy rooms, if needed.


Wisconsin State Patrol will provide free meals Tuesday through Thursday.


Wisconsin State Patrol will be a hosting a free two hour Trigonometry and Vector Analysis review on Monday January 15th at 2:00 p.m. at our Academy.  Any members arriving by this time can attend in preparation for Tuesday’s EDR class.


To enroll, please send an email to the MATAI Secretary or call at (515) 207-7605.  Payment will need to be made in advance and is non-refundable.